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Butterflies and Moths in the Carolinas

This list serves as a forum for butterfly enthusiasts or "butterfliers" to discuss all aspects of butterfly life in the Carolinas, including butterfly finding, butterfly identification, trip reports, butterfly counts, butterfly behavior, backyard butterflying, butterfly gardening, butterfly photography, and butterfly club information. Although I expect most discussion on this list to be about butterflies, moth discussion is welcome also, hence the name "CarolinaLeps" -- leps being short for Lepidoptera, the scientific name for butterflies and moths as a taxonomic group.

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Carolinaleps Mailing List Manager

Below you will find the rules and guidelines for Carolinaleps along with some basic information for managing your subscription, however for more information and options on subscription management go to Carolinaleps Mailing List Manager. At the LOGIN page, click "New User" and enter your email address. You will be sent a password that will allow you to manage your subscription (for example, you can set your subscription to digest mode, or to no mail, or change your password, or a number of other options).

CarolinaLeps Commands and Guidelines

The Basics

To subscribe, send a message to with this text in the body of the message:

subscribe carolinaleps

To unsubscribe, send a message to with this text in the body of the message:

unsubscribe carolinaleps

There's also a digest mode that you can subscribe to, if you would like all the messages appended into one big message.

You can manage your subscription online: Carolinaleps Mailing List Manager

Rules and Guidlines

If you wish to post messages to Carolinaleps, please:

  1. Only post messages with subject matter that relates directly to butterflies and moths in the Carolinas
  2. Include a descriptive Subject: line.
  3. Put your name (first name or nickname and last name) and location (city or county and state) in each message you send to the list, so people will know who you are and where you're from. Most e-mail programs allow you to create a "signature" file, which is appended to all outgoing messages, so you don't have to retype it each time.
  4. Send messages in plain text only. Turn OFF html and rich text formatting and turn ON word-wrap in your e-mail program setup (if necessary). Html formatted messages are more than twice as long as text messages and are good ways to spread viruses. Messages without word-wrap are difficult to read. For helpful tips on how to configure your e-mail program to send standard messages, see Dan's Mail Format Site or Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text.
  5. Do not send attachments to Carolinaleps. Examples of attachments include image files, Word documents, PDF files, and vCards. Attachments are often very big and people with slow connections and limited space for their e-mail inbox tend not to appreciate them. They are also good ways to spread viruses.
  6. When replying to a message, try to quote the minimum amount of the message being replied to. For example, if you have a minor point about one word in a 100-line message, don't quote the entire 100-line message in your reply before adding your 1-line point, just quote the minimum necessary to provide context. By default replies go to the sender of the message instead of the group. If you want everyone to see your reply, address it to
  7. Follow the standard rules of Netiquette. Here are a couple of sites with more details: 1 | 2
  8. Be careful not to send commands (such as "subscribe" or "unsubscribe") to Each message you send here will be received by about 150 subscribers and end up semi-permanently on the web, so think twice before you send! Commands should go only to

To post a message, address it to The message will be automatically sent to each person on the list by the Sympa mailing list server.

For a list of other commands, send message text "help" (without the quotes) to If you have trouble getting on or off this list or have other questions, just send an e-mail to explaining the problem.

Digest mode

Carolinaleps has a digest mode, so you can receive all the messages posted during the day in one big message.

To subscribe to the digest, send a message to with this text in the body of the message:

set carolinaleps digest

When you subscribe you'll receive the Carolinaleps info file (what you're reading now) and one message a day with "carolinaleps-digest" in the subject line. Occasionally sympa skips a day or two if traffic is particularly low. It takes a posted message to trigger the digest, so if a digest goes out one evening, then only one message is posted the next day and none the following day, then the digest will not be sent out until another message is posted. All messages since the last digest will be included. Subscribers to the digest should still be able to post messages to Carolinaleps.

Vacation (nomail) mode

If you'll be away from email for several days and you do not want messages from Carolinaleps delivered, Carolinaleps has a "no mail" mode. Just send a message to with this text in the body of the message:

set carolinaleps nomail

When you return, reactive your subscription by sending a command

set carolinaleps mail

Carolinaleps on the Web

If you're getting too much mail, you can unsubscribe and check it periodically on the web (note, however, that you still must be subscribed to send messages). See:


A special acknowledgement is in order here. I'd like to thank Will Cook (developer and listowner of our sister-group, Carolinabirds) after which CarolinaLeps is patterned. Without his assistance and web-expertise (and allowing me to pirate his web-page templates), CarolinaLeps likely would not exist! Thanks Will! I'd also like to thank Randy Emmitt at for hosting previous versions of this information file!


Carolinaleps was created on 26 September 1997.


Jeffrey Pippen,

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