South Texas Satyr (Hermeuptychia hermybius)

Found in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and nearby Mexico.

Recently split from the Carolina Satyr is this species, which flies only in S. Texas and northern Mexico. According to Cong & Grishin (2014), the Lower Rio Grande Valley population of Hermeuptychia should be treated as a separate species. They differ from Carolina Satyrs by 2.1% DNA Barcode as well as " by wing patterns, such as the size of eyespots and the shape of brown lines on hindwing."

South Texas Satyr (Hermeuptychia hermybius)
National Butterfly Center, Hidalgo Co., TX
1 May 2018
South Texas Satyr (Hermeuptychia hermybius)
Dan's place, Hidalgo Co., TX
2 May 2018

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