Durham Butterfly Count Info

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Pack your binoculars -- Sunday August 14th is the 2022 Durham Butterfly Count, part of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) butterfly monitoring program. We routinely see between 50-60 species, vying for the highest species diversity of any count in the Carolinas. The Durham count circle harbors many excellent butterflying locations, so we can use all the eyes we can get! Beginners welcome (see below).

Pack yourself some snacks, your lunch, and LOTS of beverages as it's usually pretty toasty outside this time of year. I always recommend hiking boots, long pants, a hat, sunscreen and binoculars. Note that there is a mandatory $3 per person fee to participate (levied by and forwarded to NABA for printing/compiling costs).

Please contact me if you plan to participate, so that I can coordinate participants for the count. If you would like to participate and be paired with an experienced leader, I will put you in touch with that leader so you can coordinate meeting times and locations.

Looking forward to seeing you there, and good butterflying!

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